Leg Lengthening Stripes, Hallelujah


Here I am in stripes again! I just can’t seem to stay away. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they are probably the most flattering of all the patterns for all the people. They help make my legs look double the length they actually are and lets be real, who doesn’t want to elongate their legs? Rhetorical question – I already know the answer.

If slimming is what you look for then I’d also recommend these trews, they are super high waisted so they will come all the way up to the smallest section of your waist. The trousers are made from the silkiest, swishy-est fabric so they seem to glide about as you walk. Ideal for smoothing over any unwanted lumpy areas!

So, longer legs, skinnier legs, as if I haven’t convinced you already just let me slap on the price tag for you…£12.16. You’re going to want to click this LINK and buy them right about now aren’t you? That was another rhetorical question.


Trousers c/o Romwe | New Look Top *similar* | Topshop Boots *similar* | Topshop Shacket | Mango Bag *similar* | Topshop Belt


Think Clueless


When this blazer hit down in Topshop it was an instant no brainer; I’m on board with the majority of the trends from the 90’s but when it comes to anything related to clueless I’m not jumping on board, I’m already there!

This tartan blazer is a sartorial dream. It’s cropped and as I’m so small it becomes the perfect length on me, probably not how the Topshop design team visualised it but I’m going with it. Unbuttoned it sits perfectly and delicately swings as you walk, buttoned up and instantly you mean business, did someone say GirlBoss?

Being Scottish as well I’m always on board when a high street retailer can make tartan look cool. It’s difficult, and they definitely get it wrong more than they get it right but this is oh so right. This pattern comes in a backless jumpsuit as well which I have tried on numerous times now wishing I had a good enough reason to justify spending £69 on something I would probably only wear once. All excuses are welcome 🙂


This fluffy backpack also adds to those serious Clueless vibes. I’ve had my eyes on this backpack for over a year now. When it first came into Topshop it was £80 which, like the tartan jumpsuit I couldn’t think up a good enough excuse to spend that kind of money on it and I managed to resist it until it went down in the sale to less than half price! Patience definitely paid off here.

I’m obsessed with this T-Shirt just now, who needs Gucci when you’ve got Topman?! Yah huh, this tee is from Topman and it’s only £15, you’re welcome. Before I moved to Glasgow I never wore trainers unless I was going to the gym and I wouldn’t be seen in a slogan tee; well it’s safe to say I’ve done a full 180. Hello to the new, comfier version of myself!


Topshop Cropped Blazer | Topman Tee | Topshop Jamie Jeans | Zara Mules *similar* | Topshop Backpack *similar*



I have to admit, yellow is a colour I would usually avoid at all costs. Clothes are usually coloured in such a bright yellow that it’s draining on my skin or a pale yellow that is…well that’s just draining too.

These yellow cropped, wide leg dream jeans from Topshop seem to be a winner for me. I’m loving the pastel, lemony shade they are in. If this colour was in a top I’m not sure how well it would work but since the jeans are quite far away from my face, there is no draining effect. After fifteen to thirty minutes spent contouring your face you wouldn’t want anything draining that out, amarite?

I saw them on the Topshop Personal Shopping Snapchat account (if you don’t already follow, you need to. It’s great for outfit inspo of all things Topshop) and immediately ordered them online! If you are wondering about sizing when ordering online I would recommend going a size down in high waisted items from Topshop. These are a six, whereas I would usually wear an eight in Topshop. If anything they are still a tad roomy; not a problem when you love a good belt like me though.

When I bought these it was the height of Summer (if that’s even a thing in Scotland, sigh) and I didn’t even think ahead into the future about how I was going to style them for Autumn, or if that was even a possibility. However, now I’m so excited to wear them with ankle boots and cosy winter coats. As far as transitional pieces go they are right at the top of the leader board in my closet right now. Summery colour, yet warm enough for that rainy British weather. Ideal.


Topshop Yellow Jeans | Primark Striped Top | Topshop Sleeveless Blazer | Zara Mules | Topshop Backpack | H&M Sunglasses

The Perfect Holiday Top


Something about this outfit has me so excited about going on holiday next week; probably down to the fact that it was actually warm enough in Glasgow to have bare legs for a couple of days the other week, it’s given me a hint of what’s to come. The tropical leafy print of this top definitely adds to the summer vibes of this outfit, and better yet, this top is less than £10 right now: get it here. It’s going to be the perfect top for on holiday as it’s super lightweight and freely fitted. I tend to steer clear of anything body con but there is nothing worse than body con on holiday, I think the majority of you can agree with me there?! I’ve paired this top with a mid stone wash denim skirt as the colour of denim really compliments the blues and greens in the palm print pattern. I’ve kept the accessories quite hard as I’m not wearing this on holiday yet so black leather bag and tied up shoes for the city it is! Next week it will be beach bag and flip flops! *insert sun emoji and okay finger sign emoji here*


Top c/o ROMWE | Topshop Denim Skirt | Mango Coat | Topshop Shoes | Zara Bag

Photography by Dan McAvoy 



Exposed shoulders is the new black.

That’s pretty much enough said, but I won’t leave it just there…

Off-the-shoulder tops, also known as bardot’s, are everywhere just now, and rightly so because they are so flattering on. They come in so many different forms as well so you are bound to find one that suits you! Whether that’s in the shape of a shift mini dress, a Grecian maxi dress, a white poplin top or something a bit more interesting like this one from Zara.

The sleeves make this bardot that bit more exciting by adding gathering and embroidery details. I also love how the sleeves start quite far down your arm giving maximum shoulder exposure. There’s something so elegant about baring your shoulders. I could be wearing ripped boyfriend jeans and white trainers but with a shoulder skimming top it instantly gets a touch of glam.

I’ve worn it quite causal here with black lace up jamie jeans but some wide leg white trousers, a slip on mule and you’re garden party ready.


Zara Bardot | Topshop Jeans *similar* | Topshop Mules | Primark Denim Jacket *similar* | Jones Bootmaker Bag *similar*| Primark Sunglasses *similar*



I recently saw this coat on another bloggers Instagram and I immediately had the urge to go out of my way to track it down to try on. I was straight on the phone to the Mango store in my city and just like fate they had one returned to their store in a size small. Defos fate. I went in the next day to try it on and evidently I left with it in a large paper bag only ten minutes later. I was concerned that it might be too big on my small shoulders but I now actually like how boxy and oversized it looks. It was quite pricey at £79.99 but it’s the perfect throw on coat for Spring/Summer. It’s also very refreshing to wear outerwear that isn’t black for a change!

I’ve teamed my new summer coat with a stripe-tastic outfit. Realistically, this outfit goes against all the fashion rules but somehow it works. Keeping things interesting by mixing old and new pieces from my wardrobe but also horizontal and vertical stripes. This outfit still works because I’ve kept the look monochrome with black and white stripes under the light cream coat. My accessories are also black so that they don’t add to an already busy outfit – I’m not that a daring, yet.


Mango Coat | ASOS Jumper *similar* | Mango Culottes | Primark Sliders | Zara Bag *new style*| H&M Sunglasses



Crop flare jeans are happening now. I repeat, crop flares are a thing. I’m not sure about you but I am loving it and I welcome you all on board! No matter how they are styled they instantly give off cool girl vibes, that instant blogger look, street style sensation, watch-out-for-the-paps look. Okay, okay I’m getting ahead of myself, but seriously they are really cool.

So why stop at a jean? Well thank goodness they didn’t because I am absolutely loving this Topshop patterned pair. They are in such a forgiving, flattering fabric, super comfortable and eye-catchingly beautiful. Win win win. Can I wear them everyday please?

There is a common misconception, or myth if you rather, that us petite gals cannot pull off a cropped leg or a midi length item. Well I’ve always been fighting against this, and after reading a blog post by ultimate blogger babe Megan Ellaby I’m feeling even more inspired and motivated to also help banish this myth from the world. I’ve also recently been told that tall girls are hotter and, well, that doesn’t sit well with my 5ft3″ self.

I wear what I want, when I want, give/take a handful of situations – I won’t be wearing a full Britney inspired red cat suit to your aunts summer wedding for instance. Now I realise this may sound a tad arrogant or vain to you, but it’s not. I, simply put, have a passion for fashion (bleugh, I cringe at that phrase) and I dress to make myself happy, nobody else. Fashion is my hobby and my career and I would hate to think that there are gals out there that aren’t pursing their full fashion potential because they have been “told” a silly, absurd myth. I say go for it. Take baby steps if need be, try a super cool crop flare jean for Spring and you’ll instantly love how good you look that there will be no limit. Try it.


Topshop Crop Kick Flares | Mango T-Shirt *similar* | Zara Lace Bralet *similar* | All Saints Leather Jacket | Topshop Shoes *similar* and *similar* | Topshop Leather Backpack *similar* | Flying Tiger Sunglasses



I love it when the Topshop sale happens for many obvious reasons but also because finally all of those last season Boutique lines go into at least 50% off. This is always when I snatch up those key pieces I’ve been pining over the months leading up to this point, it’s becoming a tradition to buy one piece every sale – a tradition I’m not mad about. This top is one of those pieces and it was totally worth waiting for. I love its asymmetric neckline, exaggerated length of sleeve and its luxurious silky fabric. But mostly I love how versatile it is. I can dress it up with skinny black jeans and heels for drinks or I can wear it like I have here to keep a casual outfit from looking too comfortable – ideal for that smart-caj look.


Topshop Boutique Top | Topshop Mom Jeans | Primark Coat | Vans | Primark Backpack | Topshop Sunglasses 

Smart Casual


People are very experimental with fashion these days, sometimes being too experimental can backfire and just look plain odd but I can appreciate their creativity and attempt at being bold. This is something I could do a bit more of, however when you are getting up as early as I do it’s difficult to throw an amazing, ‘out-there’ outfit on.

In this outfit I’m wearing a swimsuit by H&M as a top; something I’ve done before and most definitely will be doing again – here’s my attempt at being creative! I think this is one thing that people would have thought was absurd a few years ago but now with role models like the Miley Cyrus’s of the world it’s become more normal. Working in a Topshop, this is something I’ve seen a lot more of this year and last, quite right too, gals gotta get her moneys worth out that swimsuit!

In my mind this swimsuit is just too good to save for the beach.


H&M Swimsuit | H&M Trousers *similar* | Vans Old Skool | Topshop Coat | Zara Bag | H&M Sunglasses | Zara Necklaces