Rose Gold Bomber


Topshop Bomber | Topshop Top | Forever 21 Culottes *similar* *similar* | Topshop Boots | H&M Bag

This bomber is everything. I’ve been trying to track down this bomber for months now. Before Christmas I noticed bloggers in London wearing it and instantly I knew I loved it but unfortunately it has been sold out online ever since then. When my plans of moving to Glasgow were finalised I thought I would be able to get it there as the Topshop I work in is one of the biggest in Scotland. However, much to my disappointment they didn’t have any and to my surprise no one had even heard of the bomber! So after working there for a month finally the delivery of my dreams arrived and there they were: a whole tote full of this magical rose gold shiny bomber. Day made.

However by 9am there were already about five of the bombers on hold for staff…usually this would put me off buying something, you know, if I knew everyone and her sister in the city was going to be wearing it. But for this I can make an exception! It’s too pretty to let go. And I hope you agree; a lot of people have been complimenting me when I’ve worn it recently so I’m glad I went ahead and bought it even if I do look identical to half of Glasgow now!


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