Ombré Knit










Topshop Coat | Topshop Knit | Topshop Culottes *similar* | River Island Boots *similar* | Primark Bag

I’m not usually a knitwear gal but when I saw this one arrived in Topshop I fell in love. I tried to buy one in Aberdeen but I couldn’t find it anywhere. It’s a best seller in Glasgow too but luckily they had one left in my size, so clearly it was fate!

I’ve seen a lot of girls online wearing it with black jeans but to me that’s playing it a little safe, so I’ve shown you a different way you can wear it by teaming the knit with my fave pair of crinkle culottes and chelsea boots. These culottes have been one of my go to pieces since I bought them, mainly because they are so damn comfy. Yes, that is right, you can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

My first week at my new job went very well (I’m now a Visual Merchandiser at Topshop Argyle Street for anyone who doesn’t know..) and these trews were an essential part of that week as we were busy getting ready for an important visit, which meant lots of early starts, lots of moves, lots of merchandising and lots of coffee. I feel like I’m much more on track career wise now that I’m at Argyle Street and Topshop even posted two of my instagram photos on their website which makes me feel a little more confident; maybe I am doing something right after all!


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