Snowy Faux Fur








International Fur Coat  *old* | Topshop Top | Dorothy Perkins Jeans | Topshop Boots | Zara Bag *old*

I am now writing my first blog post from Glasgow! I was a tad concerned about how rainy it was going to be but thankfully it hasn’t rained since I’ve been here *touches wood* but as a compromise it did decide to snow heavily on Saturday. When you hear snow you may think of happy connotations like skiing, snowboarding, snowball fights etc etc but to me snow = grit and grit = those really stubborn white marks on my shoes. Yes, you can see where my priorities lie. However, if it means I can get to work tomorrow without hair like a frizz ball, and look even half decent, I will take snow over rain any day!

This look is inspired by Danielle from We Wore What. She seems to be able to pull off every look so effortlessly, she’s my fave. So in true We Wore What style I’ve teamed a casual beanie with an extra fluffy coat, super skinny skinnies and my extra special leather booties.

Now that I am officially in Glasgow, I need hobbies, so give me a holla if you are in Glasgow too or have any cute meet up places I can check out!


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