Hello 2016


Topshop Coat | Topshop Shirt | Zara Leather Skirt | River Island Bag | River Island Bag

Hello everyone and anyone reading this! I unfortunately haven’t posted in a while, mainly because my trusty photographer/boyfriend has been away a lot meaning there hasn’t been any time to get some photos done.

However I’m very excited to share this post with everyone as I can finally announce something we have been planning for a while now. The hint is in the background of these photos, but if you didn’t get that straight away I’ll spell it out to you: we are moving to Glasgow!

This weekend I luckily managed to secure the job I was after and we moved some of our stuff into our new flat and started to add our stamp on it. Interior design is something I absolutely love so once we have the flat looking the way we want it, I will definitely do a post about it so you can see what life in Glasgow is like.

If there is ever a time for a new challenge it’s now, new year, new start and all that mumbo jumbo! For Christmas, Andy got me a Canon EOS 100D so we will be practising with that this year too and hopefully the weekend blog will start looking more professional. If anyone has any helpful tips on how to use this camera then I’d love to hear!

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

P.s. my whole outfit has now gone into sale apparently as I can’t find any of it online anymore, so unfortunately I can’t link you to anything this time.


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