Poncho Weather

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Primark Poncho | New Look Skinny Jeans | Office Shoes *similar* | Mulberry Bayswater Buckle

It’s that challenging time of the year again when winter doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. To help solve my outerwear dilemmas I’ve bought myself a poncho. For those that don’t know: a poncho is the perfect combination of oversized knitwear and cosy blanket yet somehow it’s acceptable to leave the house in.

I bought this one from Primark for only £14 to see if I liked the idea of a poncho. After wearing it out and about yesterday I can say I’m definitely a fan and I’m already considering taking it to the next level by getting one of those massive blanket ponchos. It’s so satisfying when the seasons trends allow you to go straight from sofa to socialising.


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