A Love of Stripes

DSCF0809 DSCF0812 DSCF0815



Topshop Knit | M&S Limited Edition Wide Leg Trousers | Zara Bag *similar*

These trousers really do fuel my love for stripes and the fact that they are in this seasons favourite wide leg style made me fall in love with them instantly. I always get nervous that wide legged trousers like this will be too long for my little legs but thankfully, with a little help from my heeled sandals, they fit perfectly! I wore these to work this week with a black off-the-shoulder body con top which really worked in my favour thanks toΒ the super high waist of the trousers making my legs look much longer than they actually are! Win for me. But here I have worn a longline grey knit over the trousers which I know some people wouldn’t choose to do as it’s two loose fitting pieces together, however I like how itΒ gives these trousers a different look. The updated style of the grey knit with it’s deep V neckline and side splits keeps the outfit looking modern.

A note of waring: if you do buy these amazing trousers, which I recommend you do, prepare yourself for the pyjama jokes from your less fashionable friends…


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