Marble Boulevard


DSCF9108 copy

DSCF9112 copy

DSCF9110 copy

DSCF9117 copy

DSCF9116 copy

Whistles Top | Urban Outfitters Skirt *old* | Topshop Clogs *similar* | H&M Necklace *similar* | Zara Sunglasses

My favourite part about this outfit is the shoes. I’ve had these wooden clogs for years now and I feel I have definitely made the right decision in not throwing them away when the chances offered. Clever hoarder me. However, as lovely and innocentย as these shoes look, the night these photos were taken, my boyfriend insisted it was a good idea to trek down the stairs of the Eiffel Tower. Wooden soles and 1500 metal steps (estimate, don’t quote me on this) do not go hand in hand. Yes, I had a few blisters for the remainder of the holiday.

This would also be the perfect opportunityย to thank said boyfriend, for patiently taking myย photos for me…THANKS ANDY xoxo


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