Smart Casual


People are very experimental with fashion these days, sometimes being too experimental can backfire and just look plain odd but I can appreciate their creativity and attempt at being bold. This is something I could do a bit more of, however when you are getting up as early as I do it’s difficult to throw an amazing, ‘out-there’ outfit on.

In this outfit I’m wearing a swimsuit by H&M as a top; something I’ve done before and most definitely will be doing again – here’s my attempt at being creative! I think this is one thing that people would have thought was absurd a few years ago but now with role models like the Miley Cyrus’s of the world it’s become more normal. Working in a Topshop, this is something I’ve seen a lot more of this year and last, quite right too, gals gotta get her moneys worth out that swimsuit!

In my mind this swimsuit is just too good to save for the beach.


H&M Swimsuit | H&M Trousers *similar* | Vans Old Skool | Topshop Coat | Zara Bag | H&M Sunglasses | Zara Necklaces

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