Practical Jackets Don’t Have To Be Ugly


Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago my laptop gave up on me, after a long awaited appointment at the Genius Bar, he is now in the process of being fixed but it is taking a whole lotta time. This has made it extremely difficult to have a life and by that I mean watch Gilmore Girls repeatedly on Netflix. But not only that, which is heartbreaking of course; I haven’t been able to share any outfit posts in weeks, which is killing me.

So here is one blog post I have managed to share via my dad’s computer at home. We were lucky to get any photos this day, the weather was being so temperamental – which I’m sure you can already tell from my frizzy hair. Glasgows rainy climate has been much rainier recently, to my dislike which is making it so difficult to get any photos – is anyone else having this problem?!

The one thing lacking from this jacket is a hood; but when I only paid £18 for it I can let that slide (£10 now in the sale!). In this outfit I’ve tried to show you that practical jackets can be worn in a way where it doesn’t have to ruin the whole look. I’ve paired it with a band tee, sparkle trousers and Miu Miu inspired ballet flats from Zara; the whole look is quite rebellious looking yet cosy with my puffy coat.


Primark Black Puffa Jacket *Pink Version* | Topshop Fan Girl Top | Zara Sparkle Trousers *similar* | Zara Shoes | Jones Bookmaker Cross body Bag 

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