Personal life update: this weekend has been one of my favourites since moving to Glasgow at the start of the year. My good friend Tom came to visit the city from Leeds and we had three days of total chilled out loveliness. We have both been working so hard over the past few weeks and taking time off seemed almost out of reach, but we definitely deserved it.

The weather was forecasted to rain the whole time he was here (typical Glasgow) but thankfully we only got caught in one torrential rain shower darting in between my new place and a coffee shop. The sun came out for the rest of the time which meant we could explore all the gorgeous streets around my new place and take some blog photos while we were at it. Oh did I mention he’s a total boss photographer? No? Well check him out here now.


But anyway, that’s enough about me; we are all here to appreciate great outfits not hear me talk about the weather in Glasgow…

This longline black waistcoat from Zara is one of my go to pieces ever since I bought it in Palma a few weeks back. Whenever I’m wearing an outfit that I’m not 100% happy with, I throw this on top to add that extra bit of sass. The way the fabric flows when you walk just gives you all the confidence you need to get through the day, and even better, it’s now in the sale! As I just said, I’ve only had it a few weeks and I can already tell it’s going to be one of those timeless pieces I’ll keep for ages in my wardrobe.

While I’m mentioning timeless, these mules are going to be another key staple to that area of the wardrobe. I first tried these mules on in Zara months back and stupidly didn’t buy them, which filled me with so much regret when I went back to get them only to remind myself that it’s Zara – if you don’t buy it there and then, good luck ever seeing it again. So when I saw these in the sale the other day I had myself and Tom scrambling round the whole shop trying to find my size. Totally worth it. Found them, half price. Everything happens for a reason.


Zara Waistcoat | Topshop Top | Topshop Mom Jeans | Zara Mules *similar* | Jones Bootmaker Bag *similar* | Vintage Mother of Pearl Necklace

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