I Live In Culottes



Okay, I know my eyes are shut in the image above, but what of it? The culottes look cute and that’s all that matters – insert sassy girl emoji. I’m really enjoying doing my blog at the moment, now that I actually dedicate time to it instead of writing it in world record speed before I post it in order to get enough sleep before work again on the Monday. Therefore it feels like the perfect time to do a little re-vamp of it too, so watch this space and hopefully I’ll have a new layout next time you visit! (I’m hoping now that I have physically written this and published it to the internet world that I will actually get my butt moving).

As for this outfit all I can say is that I’m so glad people are actually starting to pick up on the culotte trend because the more you people buy, the more retailers are going to design. A few years back nobody wanted to buy this awkward length of fabric, is it a trouser? Is it a short? And we said a quick goodbye to the culotte. Finally people are actually picking this up as an actual, lasting trend; I couldn’t be more happy. I literally live in culottes, ask anyone at Topshop, I have every style, every colour, every pattern. I’ve even managed to turn people who never thought culottes would suit them into pro-culotte-loving human beings (you know who you are..).

If you are new to the culotte game then these ones are particularly special. The wide leg is flattering on every size, height, you name it! They have a perfectly placed single pleat on each side of your hips to give a tailored look which I think makes your legs look amazing and I’ve seen them on plenty of different people at TS so I can confirm this.


Topshop Culottes | All Saints Leather Jacket | H&M Knit | Zara Bag | Topshop Shoes

I’m away for a much deserved/needed holiday next week so unfortunately I won’t have a post on Sunday like usual. The following week I’ll gather all my favourite photos from the trip to make a beautiful lil’ photo diary for all your viewing pleasure :).


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