Turkey Photo Diary

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The 1st of August was my 23rd Birthday and as a surprise Andy had rented a convertible Mini Cooper for the day! So we took a road trip to the beautiful town of Bodrum which was only two hours away from where we were staying. Turkish drivers are insane but the drive was beautiful – for me, the passenger at least.
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One of our days out we stumbled across the most beautiful beach ever – Incekum Beach. The picture below is the tractor that pulled us down the narrow road to the beach – bizarre, Turkey clearly have no health and safety policies. DSCF0243 copyDSCF0226 copyDSCF0229 copyDSCF0220 copyDSCF0240 copy

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Hello everyone! So if we go back two weeks ago to when I was packing for my Turkey holiday, I planned so many cute, yet practical holiday outfits to wear and photograph to put on the blog, keeping in mind it was going to be scorching hot. But no no, I could not be more wrong about the heat. Apparently Turkey is so ridiculously hot that your body decides to produce gallons of sweat to deal with it, ew I know. After ten minutes of wearing any article of clothing it was over, so we gave up pretty fast with the whole making ourselves look presentable thing we like to do in this country and it soon became a swimwear only holiday. So with that idea ruined I hope you have enjoyed looking at a little photo diary of our trip to Turkey instead of an outfit post this week!

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